Sunday, March 15, 2009

tourists in our own town

So i'm back to blogging after a brief hiatus with a trip to Portland to hang out with molly and the fam, and becoming completely addicted to the Twilight books, I'm back! However, not promising too much blogging this week since the 2nd book has captured my interest as much as the first! l.o.v.e. them! however, i digress, this post is about our weekend while Mike's parents were here and enjoying the city we live in.
[muir woods] the red woods are really really tall...

[Alcatraz] this was our first visit and most definitely not our last. It's a very interesting place.

[japanese tea garden] in golden gate park

[the painted ladies] - these were originally sold for $9000, and one of them was just sold for $2.2 million.

[carmel-by-the-sea] Clint Eastwood used to be the mayor. He wasn't hanging out on the beach this night however.

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