Monday, April 13, 2009

my track record

I started off on such a good foot with Wine on Wednesdays but then I didn't have a computer one week and then another week I fell asleep on the couch and there you have it...our fun in the Bay Area involves American Idol, Dancing with the Stars (well that's my fun, Mike's fun isn't exactly Dancing with the Stars) and sleeping on the couch. But today I'm going to buck the system and review wine today. Nothing like starting out a Monday with a great recommendation. So today we have Liberty School. I love the name, the label and the taste was great too. But here I go again, getting ahead of myself. Before I continue, check out the homage to all the things my lovely mom and dad have found for our kitchen, the baskets my mom weaved, trio of canisters, and the recipe box. Thanks mom and dad for decking our kitchen out!
Back to the wine, which I'm sure would be a keeper for mom and dad as well.
[3 stars]
Sometimes I look at 3 stars and think that's sub-par, but it's not. It takes a lot to be a 5 star, so I think 3 stars is like getting an AB grade in school. This was a very smooth, almost non-winey type of taste. Let me define non-winey to you...non-winey to me means that it doesn't have that bite as you swallow it. Yes, that indeed is a technical term in my book. It still has a bite, just not a lot. Sometimes, I like the bite but other times I'm happy without it. Anyways, great label, great name, good wine = 3 stars.
Mike is at a basketball game tonight so he doesn't get to review this. However he gave his stamp of approval and I would say from his taste test that he would give it 3 stars as well.

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