Saturday, May 2, 2009

things i learned while looking out the window...

I learned 2 things while looking out the bedroom window this week:
1. I've never met the lady that lives in the apartment that we can see from our bedroom...but now I've seen a bit too much of her. shades, lady, pull your shades down.
2. I've always keep my eyes on the ground while hiking around here just in case a snake is on the I need to look above me as well. ugh. i was looking out the window one evening and watched this hawk flying with something in its claws. I wasn't sure exactly what it was, but the hawk made sure to give me a front row view when it flew right past our window with a giant snake in its claws. OK, when i say was about an inch in diameter and about a foot and a half long. The hawk hadn't killed it yet so it was doing its best wiggling to get out of the grip of the hawk. i had the heebie jeebies all night long.

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