Sunday, May 3, 2009


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Yesterday we spent the day truly in awe of our surroundings. We were invited to a charity screening of Pixar's new movie Up. Up comes out in theaters at the end of May and was a wonderful, wonderful movie, that is all I can tell you however because we are under contractual obligation with Pixar that if we spill the beans, they will lop off our arm or something. Anyways, the old man in the picture above was played by Ed Asner and Ed was at the screening with us, yes you guessed it, we sat just a few rows back from Lou Grant of the Mary Tyler Moore show. And here's a fun fact, Ed is Gavin Newsom's (the mayor of San Francisco) uncle. That part we learned from a little wikipedia research. Also a fun wiki fact, Up's director graduated from Bloomington Jefferson high school. He wasn't there, but if he was, I may just have been tempted to yell, "Go Jaguars!"

Part of the big event was getting to take a tour of Pixar's studios. Very cool. As legend goes, Steve Jobs wanted the large building to only have one bathroom for men and one for women so that everyone would have have to come to the "town square" portion of the complex at least once a day...turns out he got overruled and there are eight of each. Mr. Jobs also is apparently a huge architectural fan and you can tell that no detail was left unnoticed while they designed and built the space. The complex was very high security (which is why there are no photos to share) but the tour allowed us to see where the animators hang out(boy, oh, boy do the creative juices flow there!), the sound room where the voices are recorded as well as the 2 screening rooms along with the This-theater-is-so-cool-it-has-ruined-us-from-watching-a-movie-in-any-other-theater. We got to watch the movie in the exact place that the movie was created. Also, the building is very large, so there are a ton of Razor scooters leaning up in random spots that you can just jump on and go to and fro, as well as some cruiser bicycles outside to use to get from place to place. pretty sweet.

One more cool thing about Pixar and the charity that was tied to the event. The charity was Blind Babies, which helps families with children born with blindness or eye disease. Blind Babies Foundation has specialist that will come with you to the doctor to help decipher exactly what the doctor is telling you, and then helping you integrate what to do after you learn that and go home and feel overwhelmed types of things. One of the producers of Up, Jonas Rivera feels so passionate for this foundation that he has made sure that Pixar made descriptive ear phones available for this movie, so if you are blind, you will be able to imagine exactly what is happening in this wonderful, beautiful movie. They are also going to make it available in the DVD hopefully as well, and try to begin making this a regular extra for their movies. What a great great thing.

Did you know that the ball (that most people would recognize from Toy Story) is from Pixar's first movie ever, Luxo, Jr., has actually made an appearance in every Pixar movie? I had no idea and actually missed it in Up, but Mike saw it, so keep your eyes peeled.

And now i must go watch every Pixar movie I own until I see that ball. By the way, I'll have you know that for I do make legitimate paragraphs, however, blogger keeps taking them away from me and making one large massive paragraph. I apologize for making you read that one large massive paragraph, however I've tried all I can to make it multiple paragraphs and the computer doesn't seem to be listening to me, and it's getting late on Sunday night and I need to go to bed, so I'm giving up. Good night.

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