Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have some good visions.Rather, other people have really good visions and I figure out a way to make them my own. I turn those visions into reality by going to Michael's and taking care of buying the essentials, but then I bring them home, put them in the appropriately labeled craft bin (yes, they are all labeled - my husband has made me anal). I manage to get them partly started but then they all end up back in the land of misfit-half-made crafts. So along with the free or slightly free weekend trips, I'm also making a list of projects to complete. After looking through crafty blogs like How About Orange and A Little Hut. I have been inspired to add more and more projects to the list of crafty things to make. Making crafts is an outlet that makes me feel so very satisfied, it's a lot like running for me. Both of running and crafts energize me in so many ways - one however, allows me to eat a brownie after dinner without feeling guilty, but whatever.

So on to another list, I think it's time to add a crafty list to this summer's activities.

step one: find a fabric store

step two: make projects like this Market Bag

step three: complete one single project

step four: pat myself on the back and start on the baby blanket that I started 3 years ago for my niece. Currently half done. Finish this project and move on to next half-done project. Finish and repeat. Repeat. Repeat...you get the idea, i have a LOT of projects up my sleeve!

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