Tuesday, June 16, 2009

hold me to it

So lately, Mike and I have been trying to make a list of things that we can do on the weekends to really explore every nook and cranny that Northern California has to offer...oh yes, and it must be free. Because we like free.

So far, I've come up with and (ok and they aren't all free...)
find out the deals with the museums in SF, then make the most of the deals and go check out the museums. California Arts and Science Museum has date night Thursday night. For $10 admission you can walk around enjoy some wine and check out a planetarium and some sea horses! what could be better...now i just need to get up the energy to do something on a week day. (ok maybe get energy might be step one...but you must understand the 5:30 AM alarm clock really comes much too quickly each morning.

enjoy a cocktail at sunset at the Claremont hotel. Because one must be reminded at least once a week how pretty the golden gate is (i typically do this while we are on the way to go hit golf balls, but a fancy hotel would be a fun way to gawk at the golden gate for a change)

two and one half:
while in the Claremont/Berkeley neighborhood, take a walk around the neighborhood to enjoy all the gorgeous old homes. then, imagine what it would be like when these houses were originally built. i think f. scott fitzgerald would have been milling around the neighborhood.

baseball. still a twins fan at heart but it really is great to have both an AL and an NL team in our backyard.

zoos. I've got a thing for zoos and Oakland AND San Francisco have their own respective zoos, so i must check them both out and see which one i prefer. obviously!

five and six:
involve driving down the coast to see Hearst Castle and Big Sur. Mike's new territory has both areas! yahoo for a work trip turned long weekend!

that's what I've come up with so far...

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