Monday, June 15, 2009

making up for lost time: Wine Tuesday!

I mentioned Silver Oak in the previous post but it is so good that it deserves a post of its own. We had a great time at their winery. They only make cabernet sauvignon, and boy, do they make it well. You can enjoy both of their wines for a $10 tasting fee, which is a great deal since the bottles of Silver Oak are locked in a glass case at Safeway grocery store since they are upwards of $100 (that's with the fancy Safeway Grocery card), so by our math, tasting 2 wines for $10 is a great deal.

But it gets better!

If you have a magic Visa signature card and you try to pay for the tasting they tell you that you are so sweet, you don't need to pay. Thanks Visa signature! (and now I'll stop the visa advertisement, but you must understand it really was a pleasant surprise!)

Anyways, the Silver Oak winery has a lovely gift area in the middle of the tasting room with a lot of nice hostess gifts. Mike and I have decided that Silver Oak is the most perfect special event wine. At some point, we will be celebrating the sale of our house with bottle of it.

*first we must pay back everyone that helped us actually get sell the house for less than we bought it for, step two will be drink wine. that'll be a great day.*

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