Monday, June 15, 2009

remember me?


[silver oak]

[silver oak]

[ that's me and a banana tree at Kendall Jackson]

[hook & ladder]

So seriously, I will get back into the swing of things on the blog, I promise!

About a month ago we spent the day in Sonoma with some friends that were in town. We had a great time starting out at a very small winery called Hook & Ladder, then off to enjoy the beautiful grounds of Kendall Jackson (sans the wine) although we did have a sweet snack time with chocolate chip cookies and water in the gazebo, and then we were off to Silver Oak (so good!). We made friends with another Minnesotan (yes, we come out of the wood work) at Silver Oak who suggested that we visit Ferrari, so we did and we were very happy that we took them up on their suggestion. It was beautiful. We didn't try any wine because it was 100 degrees and really busy and we needed lunch. But it was really was so beautiful that we were happy that we stopped. They even had a roaming chicken on the grounds, and you know what they say, any winery with a roaming chicken is top notch (or I'm sure someone has said something like that.)

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