Saturday, June 6, 2009

Point Reyes

[this grand road lead to a storage shed. But we liked the tree line road so much as had to take a picture. I think we also caused enough commotion to have all the other passerby-ers check it out too.]

[the ranches on Point Reyes have been around since about 1875 or so. Pretty sure this is one of the original cows]

[whales migrate past here, but not while we were there][this is an overexposed picture. we end up with a lot of these, so i thought i would share one. in this one, i'm leaning against a fence and the ocean is straight down about 100 yards.]
A few Sundays ago, we jumped in the car for a little trek to Point Reyes. It's not that far away, however the roads are quite windy and involve cows (not that it mattered for driving, i just like to take pictures of them, which in turn slows us down), so it took longer than we thought. We learned that Prince Charles really likes Point Reyes because he's a huge organic nut and apparently so is Point Reyes. The nearest town is about 2 blocks by 2 blocks and then a lot of really old ranches on the way out to the point. There is a light house that you can check out. We were able to go in the lighthouse after walking down 330 steps.

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