Wednesday, June 3, 2009

where in the world did May go?!?!

Hello! I'm still here. May offered a lot of excitement, one of those was that our computer died, which explains the fact that I haven't blogged in ages. (I do apologize for that and will make it up to you dearly, just not tonight because it's bed time but I just had to say hello.)

Anyways, at the beginning of May we had a house with a leads on any rental prospects. But then May 11th came and WOWSERS, Mike and I have never been so hyper and excited because after a day of offers and counters, we had buyers that accepted our final counter and our house was sold. The closing was last week and everything went through with the greatest of ease. Our first house was a great house. We loved it. But walking through it one final time with the staging furniture and nothing of ours left in the house, was exactly what we (ok I) needed to feel like it was ok to move on. Sweet little house, you'll be a good house to your new owners.

And lastly, this past weekend I got a much needed haircut and felt a little daring, 3 inches off the bottom and some bangs. Still adjusting to the bangs but I think they will suit me just fine.

So I'm off to bed but here's a picture of our SOLD sign and my new 'do.

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