Saturday, July 25, 2009

A day at the beach...

Over the 4th of July weekend (yes, I realize that was 23 days ago already, but just go with me here), we continued our trek from Hearst Castle south to Pismo Beach. We had no expectations of Pismo and we were blown out of the water with what we found. We saw at least 10 dolphins playing in the shallow surf, as well as a rogue seal that looked like all it was hoping for was a free ride to the nearest circus.
The beach was lovely with quite the crop of jellyfish in that afternoon, although, the next morning we woke up and they were all gone. Apparently, the pH balance in the ocean water is getting either too basic or too alkaline and isn't good for anything other than jellyfish (or so says a lady that was examining a dinner platter sized jellyfish). Again, another reason to be nice the Earth!
Mike was the photographer on our beach walk, and if you know Mike, he takes more pictures of birds than one knows what to do with, luckily he's figured out how to make pelicans pose properly (what you don't see is that I'm the pelican's victim that had to walk closely to the bird, mind you, I believe that every bird is going to attack my head, so it's for the love of my dear husband and his bird shots that I do these things)...anyways, Pismo Beach was a great place and I recon that we will be heading there many more times.

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