Sunday, August 2, 2009

did you know...?

[we didn't know them, i was actually hoping they would move but alas, they didn't]

Did you know that when the gold rush folks came out west and settled in San Francisco they didn't name it San Francisco? Well, you would have known that had you gone on any San Francisco bus tour, since they repeatedly told you that the city was originally named Yerba Buena. At some point Yerba Buena became so yesterday and someone came along and changed the name to San Francisco...I don't know who that was, since that part wasn't included on the 5 hour bus tour. Anyways, now that San Francisco is named San Francisco, there is a sweet little green space that is named Yerba Buena. (The park has the most fearless birds in the world, by the way.) This park is a kid's paradise with a carousel, jungle gym and an indoor ice rink, none of which we enjoyed, but we did walk past on our way to the movie theater next to the park.

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