Sunday, August 16, 2009

wine sunday

Because Wine Wednesdays to come and go and I never seem to jump on the computer, today will be wine Sunday. It's a double the fun episode because the first bottle we opened was absolutely terrible and was poured down the drain. (I know, can you believe that we poured it down the drain?!?! it was really that undrinkable.) Yesterday, Mike and I were judges at a vegan chili cookoff and had to judge 9 different chilis on 5 criteria: aroma, color, consistency, taste and after taste. While scoring the chilis on a scale of 1-10, a chili could score a lot of points before even tasting it and then finding out that it tasted like crap. That's kinda how this wine scores. The label = good. The price = good. The cork = good. The taste = not so good. While I'm sure that it was just the bottle and we may buy another just to confirm that you can't judge a wine by one bottle, until that day, it's a [1 star] wine. We actually thought it might be that we had some dish washer detergent residue in our wine glasses, but alas after 2 more wine glasses, still undrinkable.

[5 stars]
Our absolute favorite wine this summer was cracked open as soon as the other wine was disposed of. Kenwood's Zinfandel from the Jack London vineyard is absolute bliss. It's wonderful for a summer night and makes any random Tuesday night so special. We tried this wine at an art & wine festival in June and found it at Costco shortly after and it's been a winner ever since. At Costco, it's about a $17 bottle of wine, at a liquor store in our old neighborhood in Minneapolis, it's $25. (we know that because we stocked up while visiting last week.) We believe it's our mission to spread the word of this fantastic wine to all across the lands. It also came along with us to a friend's house this weekend when we drank a LOT of wine and ate some superb pizza. And yes, you'll notice that white fang is not only on the bottle but also on the cork. so cool. so yummy (the wine that is, I don't eat white fang).

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