Wednesday, August 19, 2009

no pictures but a lot of babble. read on!

You know what? ...I've become addicted to reading other people's blogs. blogs about decorating a home I don't have, blogs about traveling to places I've never been, kids I've never seen, yet it's the most entertaining thing for me to do secretly during the day in a job that I'm convinced a snail could do and get things all completed by lunch...because frankly we aren't exciting, we just work, make dinner, watch the news, read vince flynn's books and sleep, nothing seems to be all that blog worthy...but then a yee old idea came to my about i tell you about the blogs I'm addicted to? yep, sounds fun to me! that way, I'll keep you entertained until i put my camera back in my purse and tell you about some thing that we did. So right now I'm a bit addicted to looking at fall clothes, although not interested in spending the money to where she is able to find all sorts of good deals and put them together as an outfit! an outfit people! i really like when that happens. currently i have all sorts of pants with no shirts. I need outfits.

I'm also a bit of a sucker when it comes to any blogs about San Francisco because in my head, I think, oooo! I live there! which i do, well the area, i live in the burbs. So I like to read about the people that live or play in the city and I just found Nicole's blog at and that has satisfied my urges of reading about where I live, as well as I love Victoria too. (Funny, the blog world is really meant for me, you know, being that I had 2 imaginary friends as a kid, reading about people's lives on a continuous basis, is pretty much like my imaginary friends Tala and Tutu.) I also love Kate; living in wine country and blogging about her craftiness at

And then there's the blogs about interior design, fashion and the goings-on out on the east coast... Seleta at, Erin at Elements of Style, and quite possibly the cutest pregnant lady in all the lands In my next life, I'm going to come back as an interior designer. Wouldn't that be lovely? Either that, or an inside dog. That seems pretty luxurious as well. Especially if it were my dog. I would love it and keep it so very happy....ok back on track, AnnE. back on track.

And then the people that make me laugh out loud while I'm supposed to be must read these blogs. They are simply hi.lar.i.ous. Seriously, snot shooting out of your nose funny, "shoot I'm going to get caught for not working totally worth reading" funny. ok maybe it's just me. you don't have to take my word for it but, Heather at Dooce, is wonderful. Simply wonderful. I also love reading about Oklahoma ranchers at, because for several summers I counted corn. Yes, and I also measured it with a yard stick. Did you know that measuring corn doesn't get you a job in the real world? It will some day for me though, I promise you that. (that's what my 30's are for). Keep reading my blog, you'll see. I'm going to make it happen. I took care of worms too. 261 earth worms to be exact. I'm not too sure I'll use that gift anymore other than it was fun to google my name and earthworms together and find a published article. not sure why you can't find it anymore. I guess I had my day, time for the next girl taking care of 261 worms to have hers too.

Well, I have about 137 more blogs to share for another day. Until then. Happy Reading. Happy August. Happy time for me to read my book and fall asleep. Good night!

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