Wednesday, September 9, 2009

enough to make your skin crawl.

Hello again! man have I a delinquent blogger. I assure you after two wonderful vacations to visit both sides of our families, we are well rested, well fed and not quite ready to wake up to an alarm this week...but that'll change, maybe.

Since we returned home to our apartment on Sunday night, we were so rudely greeted by a boatload of termites. Termites, quite possibly the grossest flying ant like bug one could imagine, especially in our bedroom! We haven't found the source of where they came from but nearly all were dead upon our arrival, so at least that made me sleep a little, just a little, better that night.

I've been known to send a home inspector or two through my college apartments so I assure you that I will be researching the life cycle of termites, why they would be dead on the carpet with no known wood to be eaten on their way there. Something like this, makes a girl like me mighty excited! woo-hoo...a project! I would have to note that our apartment complex was quick to help with the problem. Pretty sure the baggy full of dead bugs helped out that process.

Now, enough blogging, I need to learn as much as I can about termites. Until next time...

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