Thursday, September 10, 2009

any day in madison = a great day

Like every other time that we go back to visit Mike's family, we make sure to spend a day in Madison walking around State Street and campus. I may be...(ok, I'm seriously bias, right now i'm wearing a UW t-shirt AND sweatshirt) but Wisconsin's campus seriously can't be beat, especially on a nice summer day. We started off by getting Noodles to go (wisconsin mac n' cheese) and some waters and walked down State Street to Library Mall. The day was absolutely beautiful and there were people every where, along with a great band playing while we ate. There were many college tours going on and if I were a high school kid trying to pick a school, walking around on a summer day with people all over the place, music playing, etc. I would be sold. College search. Over. (thinking back...yes, that's exactly when I made my college visit to Wisconsin.)
After eating, we made the trek up Bascom Hill and down the other side to check out the Botanicals Gardens, the Soil Science building (my home away from home in college), as well as a new super sweet Biochemistry building. After all our years of living on campus, Mike never had a tour of the Babcock Hall Dairy store, so of course, we made a stop there to check out how the ice cream is made and a cone of cookies and cream for Mike and mint chocolate chip for me. Such a great mid-afternoon treat. And then as we walked down the lakeshore path back to the Union, we saw so many young faces, those sweet little freshman...and then i realized they could in fact be 12 years younger (you know the young ones that have really late summer birthdays)than me. How did THAT happen? So anyways...enough about me being's the pictures of fabulous day in Madison.

[an ice cream maker hard at work]

[bill's mice helped build the Biochem building, god bless Bill's mice...and Carl W. Bruch]

[old meets new....the reflection of an old Ag. building on the new Biochem building]

[entry way to the observatory, I walked many a bitter cold walk past
here on my way to Soil Science]

[Bascom Hall]

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