Saturday, October 24, 2009


We LOVE fall. We love fall so much we got married in the fall (except it was 90 degrees that day but the leaves were changed so it was still fall). We love college football. We love baseball playoffs, we love crisp cool evenings and sweaters and jeans. Everything about fall is wonderful.

Our most favorite part of fall though has to be eating a HONEYCRISP apple a day. We are addicted to those expensive little apples that were born in Minnesota. Nothing says fall more than a honeycrisp apple. Since this is our first fall of not living in the midwest, we were concocting ways of getting shipments of honeycrisp apples sent directly to us and then one wonderful day in September in the produce section of the grocery store we find a light shining down on the most glorious food in the whole wide world...WE GET HONEYCRISP APPLES in NORTHERN CALIFORNIA!!! woo-hoo!

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