Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wine: Taz

It smells like feet.

I’m reminded of the best Friends Thanksgiving episode in which Rachel mistakenly makes a truffle with "beef sautéed with peas and onions" in the midst of the typical sweet truffle ingredients. Ross turns to Joey and says, “It smells like feet.” Now, I’m sure you are wondering why oh why does Friends have to do with the wine of the week? Honestly, I can relate a Friends episode to anything you throw at me, and I can name which episode it is in under 2 minutes.

Yes I know. Im.Press.Ive. I digress.

Back to the wine…This wine was a Costco buy. You see, one weekend we decided to branch out from our typical Cabernet section. (We are getting so adventurous these days). Sometimes however, being adventurous means that you need to pour a bottle or two down the drain because sometimes adventure tastes like feet. Really Really gross feet that will give you a headache at 1:07 AM. Seriously. This was a doozy.

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