Saturday, October 10, 2009

San Francisco's Fleet Week

I've never seen an air show.

I've never been to Fleet Week.

Wow. Coolest thing ever.

[don't you think you would throw up if you did this? i would.]

[yikes! blue angels]

[4 jets that performed before the blue angels. they were really great.]

[this big plane moved with such grace]

[tall ship. this guy always is in the bay, but i just love it.]

The blue angels along with biplanes and some other jets entertained us for a few hours and it was wonderful. I thought that each trick was better than the last. People around me said, just wait for the Blue Angels, they are The.Most.Amazing. So we waited. We waited for a few hours in not enough clothing because I always seem to misjudge how freaking cold San Francisco's wind can be. It seriously could rival Chicago. Seriously. Anyways, the Blue Angels made their entrance and went directly over our heads. Never in my life have I heard anything so loud. So loud in fact, I felt as if I understood every dog that was cowering behind their owner. I cowered behind Mike for a moment. The Blue Angels made two or three passes and then were gone. We waited around for a half hour or so until a nice little Park Ranger told us to go home. The fog was coming in too low for the Angels to continue safely. The end. Too bad. Mike and I were pretty bummed, but understood that it needed to be done. We were just happy to experience the few minutes of Military awesomeness. Seriously, Fleet Week is awesome. And I also love to see all the sailors walking around. Such a great day.

If there were any weekend in specific that I would recommend someone to visit San Francisco, it would be Fleet weekend. Fall is so spectacular here. Yes, it's a bit chilly, but if you dress properly it is perfect...and aren't a wimp like this girl from Minnesota! This event was so cool and really celebrates the diversity of city, because you can really tell that this event really brings out the locals. The people watching in San Francisco is like no other place I've ever been and having hundreds of thousands of people to watch today at Fisherman's Wharf was just the reminder I needed to say, "Wow! Look at where we live! This is fabulous."

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