Saturday, October 10, 2009

wine times two

[4.33 stars]

Rex Goliath's 47 pound rooster holds a special place in our hearts. We gave this bottle of wine along with monogrammed wine stoppers to some very special people that were part of our wedding 2 years ago this week. We really loved this wine 2 years ago but as we were enjoying it last night, we remembered how strong we thought the taste was at the time, and that we really liked it because of the label and less about the taste. We still dig the label but our palates have become northern Californianized ( *Gasp!* have we become wine snobs?!?! NO. I like to say educated...and we drink way more wine these days. Before all our dinero went to Home Depot, now it goes to wine...ahh yes, the benefits of renting an apartment!) This wine is also a great deal. I'm pretty sure it's right around $10.

[3.58 stars]

Cline was really a good table wine. It was smooth yet bold and a great price. It also kept for a while since with all the excitement of this week (our 2nd anniversary, Twins Games (yahoo!) and Vikings/Packers game), we had a busy week. A great week. I would most certainly buy this wine again. It works well when it's a bit warmer (our "winter" game today. I broke out the down vest - it was in the 50s and let me tell you the weathermen were going bananas. I yelled at the screen to let them know that it snowed in Minnesota today. They need perspective. Back to the wine... this is a Costco wine, great label, good price (if memory serves me right, it was around $15 and well worth it.)

This is the only picture we took on our 2nd anniversary. After working and rushing home to watch the marathon of a Twins game, we went to dinner. We brought our camera but were way too interested in watching the chefs - this was a major foodie type restaurant. really really cool. The food was wonderful and we were so very enthralled with the new restaurant that we never took out the camera. So this was the sunset from our apartment as we were leaving for dinner was the only picture of the night. It was a really great night.

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