Friday, October 2, 2009

[ our new pride and joy]

[look closely in this blurry picture and you'll see a hungry little bird coming in for dinner....just don't look too close or you'll get a headache.]

[here's a clearer picture. you are probably wondering why I just showed you the blurry one. Well I have 117 pictures that look just like that blurry one, so I figured I'd share one.]
We recently got a pet. Ok. So we didn’t actually get a living, breathing pet of some kind rather we got a hummingbird feeder. and that my friend, is just as good as having a pet of your own. We filled the feeder up in within 5 minutes we had our first hummingbird testing out the sweet nectar, aka red sugar water. We bought 2 hummingbird feeders at our local ACE hardware. We didn’t read the directions that hummingbirds don’t like to see more than one feeder at a time. Funny, they take nectar from neighboring flowers; however sugar water dispenser, that’s another thing. We decided to fore go this direction and hang them both up on either ends of our deck. We figured if they freaked out with indecision, we’d take one of them down. Well, conveniently enough, one of them didn’t have a proper seal, so as soon as we hung it, we had sugar water all over our deck. That solved our moral dilemma of 2 feeders. The other feeder was doing a great job. Birds were feeding at it; we were having more fun watching it than the Fourth of July fireworks… Did I just say that, could something be better than fireworks? Blasphemy! And then we woke up the next morning to go to work and someone had drunk the entire feeder, nary a drop to found. As it turns out, this feeder also had a funky seal. Moral of the story, don’t get one of those feeders unless you want a sugary mess on the ground. They are pretty to look at, but pretty doesn’t clean up after itself. Fast forward a few days. I went to another ACE hardware to find the other type of feeder. Turns out this feeder is a winner. It keeps the nectar in the feeder where it should be, it’s pretty to look at and the birds LOVE it! As far as we can tell, we have 4 birds that frequent it for breakfast and dinner. There’s a dark bird with a red head, a dark bird with a dark head, a little guy, and a green bird. Some of the birds like to sit on the perch; others just zig and zag around burning their calories as quickly as they can drink them. All this to say, the hummingbird feeder is as good as any pet I could ask for.

[this picture has nothing to do with hummingbirds, i'm just rewarding the folks that actually read my entire post. you see, Mike and I both have black North Face fleeces. Sometimes Mike makes the mistake of putting mine on instead of I had to share. By the way...the only reason he figured out that he didn't have his on was because the fleece fabrics are a bit different...not that mine 3 sizes smaller. You see this is why the past two years of marriage have been full o' giggles.]

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