Friday, November 20, 2009

wine: Tohu

I'm a glass half full kind of girl.

THIS wine, though, is not a half full kind of wine. This wine comes from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. I learned exactly how they named it the Marlborough region. This wine tastes exactly like how I would imagine eating an entire pack of Marlboroughs. This is a 1 star wine. It's not good, yet after accidentally leaving the screw top off the bottle over night, the cigarette taste wafts away and leaves you with an OK 1.5 star bottle of wine.

This is another Costco wine. We really managed to pick a stellar group of wines the last time we were at Costco. Our " A" game will be on in full force the next time we set foot in the warehouse.

So this wine, although crappy and only good once you let it air out enough to remove all of its defining characteristics made me curious about the region. I did a little googling, and frankly you should too, the hills of the Marlborough region are amazing. I mean, Hello! check out that picture at the top that I cannot for the LIFE of me move to the bottom of the post. (so scroll back up to the top and check out those snow capped mountains and valley of vines.) Heaven. By the way, if you check out the website, they talk about soil science. Would you look at that! Normal people, (wine drinkers at that!), talk soil. Yahoo!

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