Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ingrid Michealson makes me a better cook

I just came out of a phase of being convinced that even though I don't have half of the ingredients a recipe calls for, I'll still be able to make it taste good. In actuality, it never turns out the way I thought, but I power through it because darn it, I made it! The final recipe to kick me out of this funk was a recipe for spinach turkey meatballs. When you actually have all the ingredients, it's really good, however when you only have an egg and some ground turkey...well it's a bit lacking in every means possible.

I spent 5 months eating cereal, strange concoctions and nachos while Mike was living in California and I was in Minnesota last fall. I made real meals on the weekend but during the week my only really good meal that provided all the food groups was my Wednesday night standing dinner date at my sister's house with her fam. You see, what I'm getting at is that I just don't find it exciting, nor a good use of my time to actually cook on nights when I'm all by myself.
Enter Ingrid. God bless Itunes, you just give and give and never take (ok you do, but it's in $1.29 increments). So Ingrid and I jam and dance all the while the chicken is cooking and the zucchini gets slightly burnt (oops!)

I really like listening to music. I like listening to music while running, while cooking, while hanging out with Mike. Anytime, really, music just makes me happy and makes me cook real meals. Who knew?

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