Sunday, January 3, 2010

Chateau St. Jean

We hadn’t planned to stop by Chateau St. Jean. But you know what, sometimes the unplanned, those times where you think you are driving straight ahead and then all of a sudden your husband decides to take a sharp right turn, yep those times make for the most memorable events of the day. I’m not actually sure why we plan any stops in wine country since once we get on the main drag of either Napa or Sonoma, we end up like kids in a candy store, excited to stop at every one on the road. We don’t do wine tastings at each one, mainly because more than anything, we just really love exploring the grounds and enjoying the unique architecture and views each winery has.

Chateau St. Jean was exactly one of those wineries. The grounds completely captivated us. We decided that it would be the most perfect for a special event, a wedding or party, or just a Saturday afternoon. Chateau St. Jean will definitely be on the short list to take visitors when they are in town. The winery has a bocce ball court, private tasting on the patio overlooking the rows and rows of vines and an art exhibit (apparently.) We tried to check out the art exhibit but it wasn’t open at the moment. All in all, the chateau was such a pleasant surprise. It was perhaps our most favorite surprise of the day. (Well that, and we also found a North Face outlet in Berkeley, but that’s neither here nor there.)

P.S. Did you notice my new blog header? Pretty much all of the pictures are brought to you by Chateau St. Jean...(and Picasa). My handiwork with Picasa is still in the early early pre-pre-school stages but boy is it fun!

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