Monday, January 11, 2010


Over New Year's weekend we drank our fair share of wine. Who am I kidding, we drink our fair share of wine on a Wednesday night...but we actually went to the liquor store and sought out the wine guy to recommend some good wines at 3 different price points. Teira is $12 and could compete with any $25 bottle of wine. It was a dandy. To be honest, I should either a) blog about a wine THAT day or b) write notes to that I can tell you about it. I will add that to my 2010 resolutions. By the way, have I told you what my other resolution is? I'm going to run 400 miles. And on this 11th day of the year, I've run 4. Luckily Rome wasn't built in a day and I can catch up...but that's beside the point.


[3 stars]

Great wine, great price point and I will definitely have to try it again so I can tell you what it actually tastes like. Until then, I suggest you go make friends with the wine guy and get this.

The end. I'm off to go write notes about the wine I'm enjoying right now. If I don't hit my 400 mile running goal, I will for sure hit one of my resolutions out of the park.
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