Tuesday, January 12, 2010

a day with nothing to do

You know what is so cool about living in the bay area? Well, let me tell you...when you have nothing to do, you jump in the car and are at the beach in no time at all. It's windy and cold but HELLO! It's the Pacific Ocean! Sweet!

So last Saturday, with nothing on our agenda, we jumped in the car and away we went to the ocean. The waves were great and there were quite a few surfers trying to catch a wave or two.

And then after about 15 minutes of watching the surfers, we become chilled to the bone and we needed to make the decision to either put on 12 more layers or just get back in the car and get out of the wind. Well, we decided to hit the road (because we are midwesterners that have totally become wimps) and go for a walk in the city. The weather was great and the crowds had gone home and instead of focusing on all the great people watching that you can do in the city, I took pictures of the buildings like this one below of The Palace Hotel. The Palace Hotel is a real beauty, some day, if you are lucky, I'll blog about the inside of this hotel. The chandeliers are to die for. I hate to leave you hanging but I don't have any pictures of the inside, so until another weekend excursion, you'll just have to be satisified with the top of the building.

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