Thursday, March 11, 2010

Bob Barker

Please forgive me.  I'm still alive.  I just don't get on my computer much at night. You see, I have a staring problem, Mike and I have been staring at Barkley every night.  We love her so much, and so does everyone else that she meets.  People driving down the road have seriously stopped in the middle of the street to ask what kind of dog she is! While I don't recommend stopping in the middle of the road to chit chat about someone's dog, I must admit, it's pretty fun!

It's time for bed. We've caught up on 2 week's worth of American Idols tonight, but I felt like you all deserved some new pictures of Barkalicious, Bark Bark, Bob Barker, Buck wheat...yes, we've had our pup for just a short time but the nick names just keep on growing!

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