Saturday, May 15, 2010

a trivet project

Typically, your average trivet doesn't involve putting together, however this is no ordinary trivet.  Santa brought us this trivet.  Santa likes to give us things to do.  Santa likes to keep us busy. (I love Santa.)  Anywho, this trivet makes opening a bottle of wine THAT much more exciting.  (and who doesn't think a new bottle of wine isn't exciting to begin with?!?!)  Once we opened a bottle of wine, we immediately screwed it on to the trivet, because we found that if you dilly dally and enjoy the bottle of wine first, you'll break the cork when you try to screw it onto the trivet later on. But we only did this with real corks (which by the way, have you ever noticed that there are very few real corks out there these days?), because although we haven't used it to put a hot dish on, it seems like those pseudo corks would do some funky things if you stuck a dish that had just been baking in the oven. Just a hunch. We'll stay away from and admire our real cork trivet.

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