Friday, July 2, 2010

like the laundry

Let’s play a word association game…
What do these words have in common?
· gym bag
· bed sheets drying in the sunshine
· Marquis Philips wine

Answer: All things are better when they have had a moment to air out.

This is so true for the last item on the list - the Marquis Philips Shiraz. The first taste gave us the urge to pour it down the sink. But only an urge, not to worry - I liked that Roogle creature on the bottle too much to discount this wine after just one sip. We let it sit on the counter and the next night I tried it again. Full disclosure - we actually let the 2008 shiraz air out (the picture above is an 04), but when you break your camera, beggars can't be choosers when you need to find a picture for your blog. 

Much better.

This time the funkiness of the first night was gone and left was a nice flavorful wine sans funk. (Yes “sans funk” is a technical wine term. Look it up, I dare you.)

The roogle has some significance to this wine as the wine is Australian giving the ROO in Kangaroo and the wine maker is American giving you the GLE in the word Eagle, although this guy’s name is Dan. But you get it. I really had to spell that out, go get a bottle of this wine and read the back (you know how much we love stories on the back of wine bottles) they put it much more eloquently on the bottle. 
[2.87 stars] Good label, good price (Costco), just remember to open it, then fight the urge to dive right in and then pour yourself a glass.

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