Friday, September 10, 2010

Chateau St. Jean

Chateau St. Jean has become one of our favorite wineries when we are in Sonoma County.  We absolutely love it here and if the scenery isn't enough, the wine is excellent too!  Life couldn't be better than a day at the Chateau.  When we arrived we headed straight for the reserve tasting room because let's face it our motto is: Reserve Room - Be there or be square. Ok maybe that's not our motto, but it really should be.  Or a bumper sticker! Ok, and now I've gone too far.

Case in point - I walked past a disgruntled group leaving the main tasting room and I overheard them discussing how bad the experience was, meanwhile I was beaming ear to ear about how great this day was and that each wine was better than the previous. I wanted to run after them and tell them, "Run, don't walk, Do not pass go! and head straight into the reserve room."  But alas, I didn't because I was headed to the deli to get a sandwich.  I have priorities, people!  I have learned my lesson, next time I'll stop, give my two cents and THEN get the sandwich. 

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