Saturday, September 11, 2010

an interruption

Pardon me while I make an unscheduled interruption between the Chateau St. Jean posts.  Did I not tell you that I was going to tell you about the wines on another post?  Whoops, sorry about that - stay tuned for part two when I tell you about the deliciousness of all the reserve wines. 

In the meantime, while I have your undivided attention, these pictures must be shared. Our baby girl had her first real hair cut today and luckily I took a whole boat load of pictures with the purple bow in her hair because it didn't stay in for very long.  She had that baby out in a few solid head flicks and as you can see, she was very happy in the second picture when she had that bow out of her hair.

And no, I didn't take a lock of her hair for a scrap book...

...I thought of it too late.
...and I haven't started a scrap book yet.

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