Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wine: Ravenswood Vinter's Cab

I must apologize for falling off the wine posting wagon.  We bought a case of Ravenswood Vinters blend Zinfandel and a case of Rex Goliath's 47 pound rooster and about 3 months later, we are back to trying out new wines. Although, we've loved them both dearly, it was time to move on and try some new wines. 

First on the docket was the Ravenswood Vinters blend Cabernet.  Unfortunately, the Cab is no where near the quality of the Ravenswood Zin.  We love that Zin and for $7 per bottle, you really can't beat it.  (Unless of course you just drank 12 bottles over the course of a summer and you need a break.)

But today we're talking about the Cab. When we were at the Ravenswood winery, we tasted a lot of wonderful Cabernet gems. This Cab however lacked a in it lacked taste...which, in my book is kinda the most important quality in a glass of wine. 

Upon the first taste, this Cab was all vanilla (we don't like the vanilla) and then it went completely bland and then after swallowing, gave a little bite at the end.  Mike and I really like wine that is multidimensional when it hits your tongue. 

[Which, if you were paying attention yesterday, you would know that you get that multidimensional taste with a blend of grapes.] 

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