Wednesday, September 22, 2010

wine: Smoking Loon

I read somewhere that the Smoking Loon Zin is like Christmas in a bottle.  Ok, it didn't say that, it said to drink it with your holiday meals, I added the Christmas comment.  You see, I really like Christmas. A lot.  So you can imagine my excitement to enjoy a bit of Christmas in September. 

[3.77 stars] Smoking Loon has a very berry smell upon first whiff, but the berry taste isn't super overpowering.  There's definitely notes of raspberries but after that it starts to become dry and suck just a titch of the moisture out of your tongue with some subtle hints of pepper.

We got this wine one day when we were grocery shopping at Safeway. Typically when we get wine at Safeway, I look at the bottom two shelves of the wine aisle, rather than at the actual price. But the last time I was at the grocery store, I actually paid attention to the price and I was pleasantly surprised.  Smoking Loon costs $9.99, but with your Safeway card, you get it for the sweet deal of $5.99.  All in all, a great wine for a Wednesday night while watching Modern Family.

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