Friday, October 22, 2010

Barkley, the fashionista

I'm not sure if you are aware of this, (as it came as a surprise to me too - ok, no it didn't)...but apparently our dog is a bit spoiled, but only when it comes to her outer wear.  We recently got this raincoat because our dog hates the rain. Like more than me, she HATES the rain.

And when the rain comes in our area, it stays for oh, roughly 4 and a half months straight, so this year we've decided to embrace the rain, Barkley included.  As it turns out, Barkley loves her rain jacket, each night she jumps up onto her crate (her coat is stored in a basket that she can reach if she jumps onto her, we haven't developed some sort of dog sign language where jumping on a crate = I need my coat) and bark a few times until we put on her coat.  Then, she jumps onto her pillow on the couch (that Mike so delicately arranges on the couch) and proceeds to snuggle up in her coat and go to sleep.  Ok, so maybe she's a bit more spoiled than just having waterproof outerwear.

And because we're on the subject of the best Westie named Barkley, here are a few more pictures...

the end.  Thank you for obliging me and my dog. 


Amy R. said...

Oh, Ann, I love Barkley! I just want to squeeze and kiss this sweetie. Have a great weekend!

Amy R.

jenna @ alittlebleu said...

your pupcake is soooo cute! my little one is spoiled rotten too, but it's too hard to not spoil them when you ♥ them so much!