Friday, October 15, 2010

destination: Petaluma

To continue our Tour de North Bay (wait, did I not tell you that we were going on an exploration of all things North Bay?  Ok, well, now that we have that squared away, let's begin.)

So today, we are going to Petaluma, which is also in the North Bay in Marin County.
Fun Fact: One of my freshman year roommates was from Petaluma.  She looked just like Frida Kahlo.  See below, this isn't a picture of my roommate, this is the real deal, Frida, but she looked

Anywho, back to our mission at hand.  Petaluma is a cute little town that all other little towns should aspire to be like.  Because you know why? There was major hustle and bustle for a Sunday afternoon!  They have converted a warehouse area into trendy living/shopping/dining.  We didn't actually do any of those while we were there however.  We were walking Barkley and looking at doorways like the pictures below.  It seems as if the hustle and bustle of Petaluma isn't just a new thing, with architecture like this - this town seems to have been very busy back in the day.  I, however, am just using my deductive reasoning skills, I haven't however taken the time to learn the history of Petaluma on Wikipedia.  Also, if you were into antique things, as in shopping for all things antique.
But if you are bored...I've made it really easy for you.  Go here.  (I just read a little bit of the history of Petaluma and I learned that Petaluma held the World Championships of Arm Wrestling from 1952 - 2004.)  Uh, Hello! Mystery solved...I now know why Petaluma is so hoppin'. There you have it - arm wresting, antiques and architecture (I really didn't mean for that to be a list of A words, but isn't that cool?!)

Pardon me and my simple pleasures.
Stay tuned for the next installment in Where in the world are we in the North Bay?...
I know! I can hardly wait too!  

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