Wednesday, December 29, 2010

wine: Haraszthy Zin

So, I went to a new wine shop, (well, not new, just new to me).  It's called Wine Thieves and I've wanted to check it out for quite some time because:
a. They use wine barrels as planters in their garden.
b. I like the name.
c. They have cheese!
And fancy cheese at that. 
I was sold at cheese.

I went in one day to stock up our wine frig.  I really liked it because they offered a lot of good tidbits on the wine on pretty little laminated signs above each wine. One problem though, we've tried two of the wines that I got at Wine Thieves, and I must be illiterate.  I have been 0 for 2 on the picking of a good under $10 bottle of wine.  Now, they weren't total misses, just not great.  Probably not repeat bottles.   This one has a good price, entertaining label and an OK taste creates the very scientific score of 2.847 stars. 

I really like saying the name of the cheese, Havarti, which is why I was drawn to this name of this zinfandel.  Something about a good strange "H" name with a mouth full of consonants sold me.  I also liked the bear on the label. 

This wine is from Lodi.  I've been learning about in my book, The House of Mondavi, that the Mondavi family called Lodi, California home after moving from Italy to Minnesota and then to California.  (See, I knew there was a reason I like and the Mondavis have SO much in common! I moved from Minnesota to California...OK, so the Italy part is a bit different, but still, we're like family. )

A little cork marketing never hurt anyone.  This one made me want to be part of the pack...Wait, what is a group of bears called (...other than scary)?  A pack of wolves. A gaggle of geese.  Pardon me.  I need to go google my way to intelligence.

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jenna ♥ a little blue said...

generally i am horrible at picking wines... i definitely let the mister pick most of the time because i tend to buy them based on how the bottle looks :) i like funny pictures and sayings. sometimes i get a winner, but not normally!