Sunday, February 6, 2011

We went to Skates for New Years Eve dinner (yes, I realize that it's now February. Just go with it.) Skates has been our holiday meal destination for the past two years. Last year, we enjoyed heaps of crab for Christmas, this year, there was no question where we should go for New Year's Eve.  We wanted that crab.  Unfortunately, they have since taken crab off their menu (the nerve!, it's ON the bay, hello!) I guess, what can you expect when you don't frequent the establishment more than once per year. Alas, we got over the crabless menu and moved on to enjoy a good bottle of Beringer Cab, heaps of lobster tail, grilled shrimp and calamari.

And to think before we moved to the bay area, I thought I was allergic to shellfish...I'm so happy I didn't know what prawns were two years ago and ate them.
Good thing I'm a moron that doesn't know her shellfish.
It's totally paid off.

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