Thursday, March 17, 2011

what happens in vegas...

I'm pretty sure I don't have an ounce of luck in my body when it comes to slot why on earth I thought the giant slot machine would change my luck was beyond me.  It's still fun however that you must pull the lever.

This giant slot machine is at the New York New York hotel & casino, which is also where we called home for Valentine's day weekend  - I know what you are thinking, that was over a month ago.  I do apologize (sorry Kerri!) for the delay in blogging - that lack of the internet is really putting a kink in my blogging.  But now, back to Kerri, you see, Kerri's been waiting so patiently to see what I wore since she was my stylist for the trip.  I heeded her advice to a T, but unfortunately I just realized that I didn't take pictures the first 2 nights we were there however, so I just have one outfit for you, Ker.

NY NY was a centrally located hotel for Mike's conference that brought us to Las Vegas in the first place, however it probably wouldn't be the hotel we pick for future stays in sin city.  NY NY smells of old smoke, whereas the new hotels like the Cosmopolitan, Wynn or Encore smell of not-so-old smoke (there's a difference).  However, it wasn't on our dime, so I'll just appreciate the fact that this girl went there in the first place.

 As I said, we went for a conference for Mike.  So you know what that means - shopping for oranges. Luckily I found them.  These here are located in the Swanky McSwankerson mall in the Aria hotel.  After I found the oranges on the first try, I had 3 days to shop for other things, I also found some uber high end shops that made me feel as if I shouldn't touch the clothes...don't you worry, I touched them. I didn't buy them, but I caressed the finest goods at Hermes, Tom Ford and some other places that I only read about in my In Style magazine, and then I proceeded to drool over the Harry Winston jewerly.

Here I am standing next to the most famous pillar in all of Las Vegas.  Just kidding, it's not famous.  I made Mike take a picture for Kerri.  I had some ultra Vegas shoes for the entire trip. They were snake skin platform heels, but then the first night (admittedly, a bit tipsy) I nearly broke my ankle.  What happens in Vegas: Lessons learned.  I will not drink, wear heels and try to walk. I'm not that coordinated to begin with and then I think to add 4 inch heels and alcohol.
bad idea

Back to the outfits, this dress is from Nordstroms.  Do you know what the best part is? It has POCKETS! And it's lined in neon yellow swim suit fabric.  Hello! How great is that?!?

I had to take a picture of this because I really liked this light. I have no place to put it, so I'll allow it to stay right where it's at - the Wolfgang Puck's deli with the most delicious cookies in the whole wide world, called The Pods. 

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Kerri said...

yea! i've been waiting for this post :) Your dress is SO cute! I love your outfit. Great work!! :)