Saturday, March 19, 2011

what happens in vegas...the dining edition

By far the best part of Vegas was eating.  I love a nice meal. We found some fabulous places. You may notice that have a thing for crustaceans.  Boy oh boy are they delicious!

The first night in Vegas we ate at Smith & Wollensky.  It was great, but we were with 24 people, so I didn't bring my camera for that meal.  I did however try to document everything for you on night number two at Aquanox, which we affectionately called Aquasox.  This place, located in The Venetian, was ok.  The Stag's Leap Artemis smelled a bit like smelly socks, which turned me off a bit, but it didn't seem to bother Mike.  

The next night we headed back to The Venetian to try Del Monico.  This was also Valentine's Day, and we didn't have a reservation, so we sat at one restaurant for a while only to find out that they wouldn't be able to seat us, but then we found Del Monico and were the last people to sit down for dinner at 10:15PM. Two things learned about what happens in Vegas :
1. Make a reservation on Valentine's Day
2. No clocks in casinos = eating at odd hours.

We really didn't gamble at all, Just one time at the Roulette table after Aquasox, I placed my big money ($10) on Red....and it landed on green.  I placed $10 more Red...and it landed on green again. Gambling days = over.

At Del monico, I had the special of the night - the grouper.  It was the best grouper I've had outside of Ft. Myers, Florida.  Absolutely wonderful. The Paraduxx wine was also a winner, we chose that wine after reading all 96 pages of the wine menu... which is why we didn't eat until 10:30 PM.

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