Wednesday, April 13, 2011

it's back! Wine Wednesday! ~ Tribunal red

Two things I learned after trying this wine:
1. You shouldn't put all your eggs in the basket of the Trader Joe's worker that claims this wine to be the best wine there is in the store (meanwhile Stag's Leap is sitting a mere 3 feet away).
2. The label reminds you of the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox - which although wonderful in its own right, should not be a reason to buy a $9.99 bottle of wine.

[1 star]
Sadly, this wine scored one star.  One star because the label was wonderful. I love a good label where the animals talk. One star because once the bottle was opened, it was tasted and promptly poured directly down the drain.  You may just find a better red wine at church.

I'd suggest that instead of spending $9.99 at Trader Joe's, you take all that dinero and go directly to the aisle that has those mini peanut butter cups.  Buy those.  They are de. light. ful.

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