Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wine: Cocobon

Here we have another wine purchased at Trader Joe's.  And here we have a wine that also earned a whoopin' one star, maybe, actually at second thought, it might be a negative star.  This wine got me at the label...again.  I was sold with the part about the "dark chocolate walnut cake with cherry coulis."  I really like that word Coulis, and I had a hankering for some chocolate.

The taste was a mix of cocoa and gasoline.  Yep, pretty sure that's a technical wine description. (Could imagine a food pairing with that wine description? Ha! I crack myself up...sorry, carry on...) When I went to Trader Joe's, I bought 4 wines in total, so if you are keeping score, we're 0-2.  I really hope that I can come through with the last two wines.  Stay tuned....

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