Wednesday, May 11, 2011

wine: Hamilton-Stevens Zinfandel

Ladies and gentlemen - we have finally tried all four (albeit pitiful) wines from Trader Joes. While I'm sure Trader Joes has plenty of tastey wines (they have Stag's Leap for goodness sakes!) I managed to seriously butcher all four tries of buying a good bottle of wine.  (This is why I now access my own blog while in the wine aisle to make sure I don't buy the same bad wine for a second time.)  I went into Trader Joes to get agave juice and clearly did not have my A-game on to tackle picking out some good wines while I was in the store.  This might be the best one yet. Still, however, it's not one that I'll probably ever buy again, but nonetheless, it's drinkable. (...and I'm drinking some right now).
[2.14 stars]
This wine is all about the cherries on top.  While I love a good cherry flavor, I like when it's part of a combination of flavors hitting my tongue. You know how I say the wines that we really like have a "right from the winery" smell and taste?  Well, I'm pretty sure that a skilled wine person would condense that statement by saying "Oak."  Yep, oak sums it up, but I still like my phrase because it evokes happy times of sitting at a winery with my husband, dog and maybe a visitor or two.  (We really really like wine country, in case you've been living under a rock.)  All that to say, this wine doesn't have the "right from the winery" taste. 
 i.e. no oak in this bottle

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