Wednesday, June 22, 2011

the hess collection

Hess Winery may be off the beaten path of the two main thoroughfares of Highway 29 or Silverado Trail in Napa County, but it's definitely worth a bit of a detour to admire their grounds, check out the two floors of modern art in their gallery, and of course enjoy a bit of wine.  Our favorite wine of the day was actually a very reasonable bottle (under $20 at the winery) of zinfandel named Artezin. 

 You may be wondering what I am standing next to...It's
I'm not sure if Mike was taking this picture to capture the happiness that Nik and I had for actually getting to spend a best friends weekend together...or if we were just a by-product of him admiring the wall of ivy. Either way, it might be one of my favorite pictures of the weekend.  I had so, so, so much fun having my bestest friend in the whole. wide. world in town for the weekend. :)

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