Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Notting Hill

Isn't it fun when your technology hits a glitch and the 2nd installment of a story comes out before the first?  Whoops.  Here's what was supposed to have been posted over the weekend...

The Notting Hill Market was one of the "must see" places to go on our list of things to do while in London. (Again because of all the extensive research we did prior to our trip: reading one travel book and watching the movie Notting Hill.) Although quite a zoo on a Saturday, I was very happy that we went. 

This would have been the most perfect place to get an 18th century cheese knife as a keepsake from our trip.  Did I?  Nope. To remember our trip, I got a pair of sandals as the shoes I brought with me gave me open wounds on the 2nd day of our trip, and then we bought a toy for Barkley.  Yes I know, neither one of those items are keepsakes...but 1217 pictures we took should suffice.  That's how we will always remember our trip, long after Barkley has chewed her toy to bits. 

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