Friday, August 19, 2011

notre dame

On the day that we went to Notre Dame, it was 197 degrees outside.  Yep, I know, you didn't think it could get that warm.  Clearly you didn't look at my previous post with my sweaty tshirt.  It was hot. Like unbearably too-hot-to-stand-in-any-line-unless-you-are-naked type hot.  We weren't naked, and luckily the line moved quickly.  

Pretty sure I could say the words "Flying Buttress" about 25 times per day, and I would giggle every time.  Those words just make me happy.  My nephew used to think that the word "cubbie" was funny.  Me, I like Flying Buttress.  Glad it was such a useful form of architechture in Paris, I used that word a lot.
a lot.

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