Thursday, August 18, 2011


 The view from our hotel room...pretty sure this is the reason that I could spend days and days in Paris.  Thank you Mr. Eiffel for making such a beautiful tower to look at.

 Paris was H.O.T. hot, while we were visiting.  We weren't the only ones trying to escape the heat...we like to call this picture "smart pigeon, dumb pigeon."

 And just to prove to you that it was hot...I took off my backpack and Mike had to take a picture.  Yep, I know, it's hot (in the temperature sense, that is.)

The other reason why we loved Paris so much? 
The pastries! Clearly, I believe heaven tastes like 17 sticks of butter in one morsel of pastry goodness.
I'm camped out on the wall near the Louvre, enjoying every different type of pastry that we bought, and waiting for the Louvre to open so we could see our friend, Mona Lisa. 

Apparently, we aren't Mona Lisa's only friends... Poor Mona, she has to deal with the paparazzi every day.

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