Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wine: Quail Creek Merlot

Holy Bananas Batman! Do not adjust your eyes...we did in fact consume a bottle of wine that was not a cabernet sauvignon.

The Stats:
wine: Quail Creek Merlot, Napa
purchased from: Whole Foods
price: haven't the slightest idea
color: cherry red
smell: tobacco
taste: sour cherry
stars: 3.047

This wine was pretty good. Having said that, we drank this long ago and although I did take notes on the bottle, I don't remember too much about it other than it was drinkable.  Which I guess, all things considered, it could have left a much different and more unpleasant memory, so for that, I'd say, it's good. Plus, since we rarely drink merlot, it was a pleasant surprise that we actually liked it. 

And yes, that is Barkley laying on our kitchen table. And yes, our kitchen table is still just a card table.  And yes, we had high hopes of buying a real kitchen table as soon as we moved to California two and a half years ago, but frankly, a card table does the job just fine.  And yes, I do clean the table after she is done lounging on it, but it provides her a good vantage point to watch me cook/clean and to see if there are any squirrels outside that need harassing. 

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