Thursday, September 29, 2011

wine: Marietta Old Vine Red

You know how sometimes when you taste a glass of wine and it transports you directly to a winery? Immediately you feel as if you are enveloped with the smells of the oak barrels and the dirt from the vineyard is stuck your finger nails? 
(remember I was that soil science nerd, so yes,
in my vision, I am not only drinking wine,
I am playing in the dirt...)

And then other bottles of wine, you open and you taste and you are immediately transported to church where you are trying wine for the first time during your First Communion.
Just go with me people. 

So, I think I've figured out why one bottle of wine can transport me one place while another can transport me another.  It's all about the amount of oak in the wine. The more oak = more winery experience, while the more fruit = church when I was in 2nd grade.   I think as I've become more of a wine drinker, and interested in wine, my tastes have changed - away from the fruit and towards the earthy/oaky flavors.  Now, don't get me wrong, it's still good to have a bit of fruit, but I think there needs to be a balance of fruit mixed with spice mixed with earthy flavors to give you a good bottle of wine.

This is also why this wine only scores 1.37 stars in my book.  It's just too fruity for me, and therefore, upon first taste I was immediately transformed out of my typical evening uniform of a t-shirt and yoga pants into my white gown and the dried floral wreath crown thing that I wore for my First Communion.  Seriously people, this wine wasn't good, but you should have seen me in that crown.  I thought I was mega-sweet. 

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