Wednesday, October 5, 2011

wine: Castello's Barbera

Sometimes, I'm a sucker. 

A sucker for a good story, a Hallmark commercial, or a good deal.  On one day recently, I was a sucker for a bottle of wine that they are no longer going to be making after this year.  (On a side note: Our wine guys said that Castello di Amorosa is going to start making a Zinfandel - yahoo!)

As it turns out, being a sucker sometimes leads you to buy a bottle of wine that you are not so much in love with the taste, but that extinct like a stegosaurus. 

This wine earns 2.34 stars in my book.  One star goes to its extinction, while the other 1.31 stars are earned because they keep sheep, chicken and a peacock at the winery.  If you are doing the math, that leaves 0.2 stars for the wine.  So long stegosaurus wine.  Hello future Castello Zinfandel, I cannot wait to try you out.

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