Wednesday, October 26, 2011

bargain basement: wine

Ladies and Gentlemen: We have found a winner. This wine is oaky and fruity, with enough bold spicy notes to let you know that you are drinking a cab.  This wine is fantastic.  We bought it from the liquor store for $20 and thought that was a deal and we bought 2 bottles.  Then, we found it at the grocery store for $12.99 and we bought a case. 

One of the bottles that came home with us even had a tag on it that described this wine better than I ever could, which makes sense because this description came right from St. Francis (no not the patron saint of animals, but the Sonoma County winery, which is just as cool.)

(Side note: in 4th grade we had to dress up as saints for Halloween
- it was a catholic school -
and I chose St. Francis,
I stuck on a robe and my mom safety
pinned all my stuffed animals to me.
Still cracks me up. )

Back to the wine:
St. Francis describes the wine as "full bodied, rich mouth feel, generous tannins, black currant, plum, blueberry, spicy oak, and vanilla with a hint of spice and smooth finish."

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